Prana Detox Complete

A Mind, Body, and Spirit Cleanse

A healing workshop to clear ALL negativity in your life, and feel empowered, energized, and better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 


Become healthier, feel lighter, happier, and inspired to manifest success in all levels of your life.

The Prana Detox can help make your dreams and passions come to life!

What is Prana?

Your life force. The energy that moves you, and fuels you to live.

It is the energy that blinks your eyes and beats your heart. It is also that energy that enables us to move through life. Blocked Prana can cause disease in the body and the mind. Prana is a vital force. Clearing your mind helps heal the body.

In this course, you will:

Prana Detox Complete

Why Detox with Cathy?

It’s time to break free from the illusions, negativity, and attachments that stifle our minds, smother our hearts, and deplete our energy!

After miraculously surviving two near-death experiences, Cathy discovered her newfound spiritual powers.

Her heavenly gifts include healing and guiding others toward health, joy, harmony, and their incredible destiny!

With her supernatural and spiritual gifts of healing, wisdom, and prophecy, she helps us all find fulfillment in life.

Feel better, increase your metabolism, and zest for life!

Do you feel blocked, stagnant, or have low energy?

Do you lack clarity in decisions or are uncertain about where to go next?

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Or are you just looking to feel fresh and clear?

The Prana Detox will clear and calm your mind, increase your health, and enable you to move forward in life, filled with power and purpose, with an abundance of peace and self-love!

Why Prana Detox Daily?

The Prana Detox Daily encourages you to take charge of your health and happiness. In this course, learn how negative emotions can have a detrimental effect on your body—causing illness or disease. 

Find ways to combat them through cleansing techniques such as guided meditations, asanas/exercises, food choices for nourishment and well-being, plus aromas, mantras, and breathing exercises that clear the mind, body, and spirit.

Unlock the path to total well-being with Prana Detox Daily! 

Learn how to connect your physical health and emotional wellness while discovering powerful ways of healing.

You’ll understand yourself better than ever on an energetic level and improve your overall health. Plus, Cathy will share her essential daily routine for optimal health, happiness, prevention, and peace!

In this course:

Prana Detox Course

What to expect:

I'm Ready to Awaken My Inner Healer!

This course promotes healing the mind and body, recharging your personal energy field, and prevention.

Clearing the path to health, happiness, peace, and prevention.

With Cathy’s advanced energy healing approach, the Prana Detox will clear, heal and balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Cathy uses her gifts of healing to assist in the following:

Identify Your Key Issues/Blocks:

  • Discover what is in the way of your success, happiness, and peace.

Clear Your Chaos:

  • Clear and release the negativity and stress related to life challenges or chaos.
  • Heal your relationships with others.

Heal Your Connection with Self:

  • Ground in who you truly are.
  • Overcome resistance and fear.
  • Understand and recognize your needs, wants, and desires and what is blocking you from manifesting or creating the life you wish for.
  • Heal the relationship you have with yourself.

Unwinding Your Trauma and Negative Experiences:

  • Releasing old wounds.
  • Healing your inner child.

Ignite Your Power:

  • Find the I AM presence, the inner power, and wisdom, and release the wall of shame, guilt, or fear of failing.

Heal Your Heart:

  • Clear the heart from old wounds.
  • Learn how to forgive life and its challenges.
  • Find love for yourself!
  • Discover your own divine nature.

Find Your Voice:

  • Discover the power of your own voice, speak up for yourself, and find expression and creation.

Heal Your Mind:

  • Release limiting beliefs.
  • Achieve a peaceful mind.
  • Understand the mind and body connection, and see all of life’s possibilities!
  • Learn breathing and other healing techniques to calm your mind.

Connect With Your Spirit:

  • Repair the levels of the energy field and heal the golden grid.
  • Release past life traumas.
  • Recognize and honor your intelligence.
  • Navigate and make clear decisions based on your inner wisdom and intuitive understanding.
  • Discover a renewed sense of spiritual connection.

Emotional healing will happen in this detox.

You will release fear and anxiety.

You will get go of old feelings of shame and guilt that aren’t serving you.

You will heal the anger and learn the practice of self-love and forgiveness on all levels.

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