Services Offered

Cathy Gabrielsen offers many different ways to rejuvenate, clear traumas, awaken your chakras, reconnect to spirituality and much more! These healing services will leave you feeling like a new person with the tools needed to continue living your happiest and healthiest life! Want to bring Cathy to your next event? Speaking engagements are also available below!

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Ayurvedic Counseling

Personal Healing Intensive


What to Expect


Cathy has been working with clients for years, but began on her own spiritual journey after a car crash in 1988.

Trauma & Mental Health Informed

Services are provided in a safe and shame-free healing environment so that your mental and emotional health is valued.

Holistic Approach

As a Certified Life Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Cathy is acutely aware of the intersectionality of the spiritual, mental, and physical as it relates to healing.

Values, Ethics & Boundaries

Concrete ethics and boundaries are vital to a successful therapeutic relationship. Cathy understands the delicate line between helping you open up and pushing too far.

I have tried every alternative healing option that is available, but I had never heard of Life Force Energy Healing. I didn’t know it existed until I saw Cathy Gabrielsen. I am amazed how much it helped me release emotions and pain. The experience was incredible.

Heather P.

Are remote services as effective as in-person?

Energy is energy, and “connection” is not impacted by distance. Remote/distance healing work can be likened to the energy of telling someone that you love them or are praying for them. Although you’re not physically in each other’s presence, your energy travels and delivers. The benefits of remote sessions include being in a familiar space and connecting regardless of travel/distance restrictions. The client is encouraged to rest in a quiet, uninterrupted space during the scheduled remote session time.