Meditation Series Course

Meditation Series
Clear, balance, and recharge your chakras!

This 7-part meditation series focuses on healing the blocks that are in the way of health, happiness, and peace. Each week we will focus on one key issue; releasing that block will clear, balance and recharge the corresponding chakra, promoting overall health and wellbeing. Feel lighter, happier, and more at peace while experiencing love and connection through the practice of Energy Healing!

  • Freedom from Fear: Healing the First Chakra, The Root
  • Freedom from Anger: Healing the Second Chakra, The Sacral
  • Freedom from Shame, Guilt & Feelings of Disempowerment: Healing the Third Chakra, The Solar Plexus
  • Freedom from Grief and Heartbreak: Healing the Fourth Chakra, The Heart
  • Freedom from Not Speaking Your Truth: Healing the Fifth Chakra, The Throat
  • Freedom from Worry: Healing the Sixth Chakra, The Third Eye
  • Freedom from Feeling Alone and Disconnected: Healing the Seventh Chakra, The Crown

Each session will last approximately 30 minutes, beginning and ending with about 5 minutes of Sound Healing. Participants should find a comfortable, quiet place where they won’t be interrupted.

Meditation Series Course


In-person or Zoom

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1st Chakra: Root

Freedom from Fear


2nd Chakra: Sacral

Freedom from Anger


3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus

Freedom from Shame, Guilt & Feelings of Disempowerment


4th Chakra: Heart

Freedom from Grief and Heartbreak


5th Chakra: Throat

Freedom from Not Speaking Your Truth


6th Chakra:  Third Eye

Freedom from Worry


7th Chakra: Crown

Freedom from Feeling Alone and Disconnected


My experiences have been so very intuitively healing, restorative and very loving. She is a strong healing force, so naturally and you will feel the love instantly!

Elizabeth Loxsley