Energy Healing

Clear, balance, and recharge your chakras!

Over time our spirit can become damaged or bogged down by energetic gunk. Trauma, unhealthy relationships, living in unhealthy environments, not taking care of ourselves, and even our own unhealthy mental thought processes can negatively affect our spirit. Energy healing helps repair our flow and open our connections to improve mind, body, and spirit.

Cathy’s Energy Healing includes various LifeForce Energy Healing© modalities depending on your individual needs, such as Chelations, Chakra Clearing Balancing and Charging Recapitulation, and many more. Healing can also include Spiritual Guidance and other Shamanic based healing techniques.

Sessions can be done in person at the West Chester location or via Zoom – whatever your preference!

Energy Healing


In-person or Zoom

Energy Healing for College Students

These sessions will help students of all ages release anxiety, fear, or worry so you can focus on succeeding personally and academically while still enjoying all that life has to offer!

Holistic & Alternative Cancer Healing