Energy Healing for College Students

Stay on track personally, academically, and spiritually!

As a college student, you are often challenged to singlehandedly manage new surroundings, rigorous schedules, new relationships, feelings of loneliness or inadequacy, and more, which can overwhelm many and lead to a decline in overall wellbeing.

Cathy Gabrielsen offers coaching and healing sessions for those in college who want help finding peace amidst all the chaos to succeed academically while also staying connected to what’s important – your own beliefs and intentions. This is an opportunity not only to learn self-awareness skills but release worry and anxiety, placing you on track toward success.

These sessions will help students of all ages release anxiety, fear, or worry so you can focus on succeeding personally and academically while still enjoying all that life has to offer!

Energy Healing for College Students


In-person or Zoom

Book 4 sessions for only $400