Holistic & Alternative Cancer Healing

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Restoration

A cancer diagnosis changes everything; the physical and emotional challenges of the diagnosis come with life altering effects for the patient as well as their family. Cathy Gabrielsen knows these effects all too well when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32.

In 2007, after struggling with feelings of isolation, support for her children during treatment, and upkeep of her overall wellbeing, Cathy created Cuddle My Kids as a way to provide others with the resources and support she herself had needed. Now named Connect Thru Cancer, this nonprofit has expanded its programs and resources to provide free services to individuals and families for the last 15 years.

These energy healing sessions are offered for free to clients of Connect Thru Cancer. Work one-on-one to learn the benefits of meditation. Schedule a session to learn how and why it is important to clear our chakras – our energy fields. 

Holistic & Alternative Cancer Healing


Free sessions for clients of Connect Thru Cancer

Cancer Takes. We Give.

Connect Thru Cancer is a nonprofit organization providing a variety of free cancer services and resources to individuals and families living with a cancer diagnosis. The goal is to give respite to the patient in treatment while supporting their unique journey.

Learn more about Connect Thru Cancer’s mission and the services they currently offer by visiting their website.