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Sessions are done virtually via Zoom.

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Over time our spirit can become damaged or bogged down by energetic junk.

Trauma, unhealthy relationships, living in unhealthy environments, not taking care of ourselves, and even our own unhealthy thought processes can negatively affect our spirit.

Energy healing helps repair our flow and open our connections to improve our mind, body, and spirit.

Cathy’s Energy Healing includes various LifeForce Energy Healing© modalities depending on your individual needs, such as Chelations, Chakra Clearing Balancing and Charging Recapitulation, and many more.

Healing can also include Spiritual Guidance and other Shamanic-based healing techniques.

Energy Healing for College Students

Stay on track personally, academically, and spiritually!

These sessions will help students of all ages release anxiety, fear, or worry so they can focus on succeeding personally and academically while still enjoying all that life has to offer!

As a college student, you are often challenged to singlehandedly manage new surroundings, rigorous schedules, new relationships, feelings of loneliness or inadequacy, and more, which can overwhelm many and lead to a decline in overall well-being.

Cathy offers coaching and healing sessions for those in college who want help finding peace amidst all the chaos to succeed academically while also staying connected to what’s important—your own beliefs and intentions. This is an opportunity not only to learn self-awareness skills but release worry and anxiety, placing you on track toward success.

Holistic & Alternative Cancer Healing

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Restoration!

Connect Thru Cancer provides free energy healing to their clients. Heal and release the toxins from treatment and the pain and emotional challenges.

A cancer diagnosis changes everything; the physical and emotional challenges of the diagnosis come with life-altering effects for the patient and their family. Cathy knew these effects all too well when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32.

In 2007, after struggling with feelings of isolation, support for her children during treatment, and upkeep of her overall well-being, Cathy created Cuddle My Kids as a way to provide others with the resources and support she herself had needed. Now named Connect Thru Cancer, this nonprofit has expanded its programs and resources to provide free services to individuals and families for the last 15 years.

These energy healing sessions are offered for free to clients of Connect Thru Cancer. Work one-on-one to learn the benefits of meditation. Schedule a session to learn how and why it is important to clear our chakras—our energy fields.

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Sessions are done virtually via Zoom.

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Connect Thru Cancer

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