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Cancer Takes. We Give.

Connect Thru Cancer is a non-profit organization providing various free cancer services and resources to individuals and families living with a cancer diagnosis.

The goal is to give respite to the patient in treatment while supporting their unique way.

During her own personal battle with breast cancer, Cathy became increasingly aware of a missing piece of the healthcare system: in-home services for children affected by a cancer diagnosis. The added physical and emotional stress of treatment was something she was not prepared for, and she struggled with how she saw it affecting her children.

In 2007, Cathy established the non-profit Cuddle My Kids — now Connect Thru Cancer — to provide in-home, no-cost cancer support programs that offer enrichment and creative play to children with a parent or caregiver in cancer treatment. Their main goal is to help increase the quality of life for cancer patients and their families during cancer treatment.

Learn more about Connect Thru Cancer’s mission and the services they currently offer by visiting their website.

A Story of Healing to Guide & Inspire

Cathy's multiple experiences with the other side led her to want to share her story with others. This book is a memoir that delves deeper into her accident, her health battles, and her journey to death's door and back. Get your copy of Cathy's book today!

"An Incredible Story of Hope & Survival." ~ New York Times Bestselling Author, Deborah King


Cathy is a wise and gifted speaker whose stories inspire and uplift all who hear them with her authentic heart and humor.
Melinda M
When Cathy cleared my chakras, I felt a black veil leave my body. I finally felt open, expanded and free.
Betty F
Today I woke up without my normal back pain, and I feel like I can breathe better! Amazing! Thank You
Colleen D
Cathy, you are amazing, and thank you for sharing your gifts. My right hip is pain-free! I haven't been pain-free in years, and it's a wonderful feeling! Thank you for everything!
Annemarie B
I have tried every alternative healing option that is available, but I had never heard of Life Force Energy Healing. I didn't know it existed until I saw Cathy Gabrielsen. I am amazed at how much it helped me release emotions and pain. The experience was incredible.
Heather P
Cathy, I wanted you to know how great I've felt since I saw you! I've found my reactiveness to things that would typically trigger me has been less emotional. I've been feeling happier, lighter, and over all, better. I can't wait to see you again!
Mary J

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