Chakra Healing

Certification Course

Achieve Total Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness with this Self-Paced Chakra Wisdom & Healing Course.

Learn the Foundations of Chakra and Energy Healing to clear your own personal energy and others.

If you’re interested in healing yourself or others, this course is perfect for you!

Awaken Your Inner Healer Today!

Perfect for beginners and for deepening your existing holistic therapies. 

Cathy’s Chakra Healing Certification Course is an online, self-paced program that covers the foundations and benefits of Chakra Wisdom & Healing.

Learn at your own pace and get certified today!

What is Chakra Healing?

Chakra Healing Balances the Mind, Body & Spirit.

It is a hands-on form of energy healing that channels/facilitates the flow of energy into the seven chakras. It is subtle energy to help your body, mind, and spirit perform at their best level.

Whether you plan to offer Chakra Healing as a service, use what you learn in this course to continue your professional development, or if you’re looking to heal yourself, you will definitely gain insight into energy healing!

In this course you’ll:

Healing for Everyone

Why Chakra Healing?

Chakra Healing Works On Every Level!

It’s an opportunity to release blocks, emotions, and negativity so you can feel happier and healthier and live more purposefully!

You can create new and affirming patterns and beliefs and release stress, anxiety, and worry!

This course is an opportunity for you to heal yourself AND learn how to heal others!

It’s a wonderful add-on to your current holistic practice and is perfect for those beginners in energy healing and helping your clients achieve healing.

What You'll Learn:

Chakra Healing Certification Course

I'm Ready to Awaken My Inner Healer!

What You'll Receive:

Chakra Healing Instructional Workbook


Introduction to Chakras & Chakra Healing Video


Chakra Healing Quick Reference Chart


Instructional Videos & Meditations for each of the 7 Chakras


Chakra Healing Techniques & Exercises Video


Guided Hands-On Healing Chelation Instructional Video


Cathy Gabrielsen Chakra Healing Certification Certificate


Chakra Healing Foods Guidebook


Guided Chakra Clearing Meditation


7 Breaths Guided Meditation


7 Chakras Guided Meditation Collection


30-min Private Session with Cathy


1) Buy with a friend at a discount.

2) Six 1.5-hr Private Instructional Sessions via Zoom with Cathy. (Each session includes a personal chakra assessment.)

Choose Your Plan

Chakra Healing Certification: Online Self-Paced Energy Healing Course

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Private Sessions


"I got certified in Chakra Healing through Cathy's program. She is an amazing teacher and has taught me so much about how to integrate technique and ancient energy knowledge into my healing practice. So grateful and I HIGHLY recommend her course.

Colleen Dixon
Host of the Weekly Astrology Forecast and the Soul Purpose Podcast

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