Living After Life Force Energy Healing

  I was a depressed 45-year-old woman maybe going through my mid-life crisis, or maybe just a 45-year-old woman in crisis. For the first time in my life, I felt out of control, like my life was suddenly moving faster with more parts that needed fixing then I could fix in time.  Anxiety and panic […]

Mom, Dad! Cancer’s Here!

“Don’t open the door, unless you know who it is!” We teach our kids, “not to open the door to strangers”, we are quick to signal a no thank you, not a good time or not interested, to a knock from a salesperson, donation collector or the annoying kid down the street. When a loved one […]

It’s Not About the Boobs!

It always seems to be about the boobs, headlights, breasts, tata’s, knockers, watermelons, cupcakes, t*t’s, whatever you want to call them. I remember mine never being perfect, well at least in my eyes. I spent a good portion of my teens wishing them different. After children, forget it. Imagine 2 latex balloons, at first they […]