Meet Cathy Gabrielsen

A  mind, body, and soul healer helping others awaken to their own divine nature.

Cathy Gabrielsen is an Intuitive Healer who experienced death and resurrection. By the age of 32, she had survived a near-fatal car crash as well as a battle with sepsis during her bout with breast cancer. These two near-death encounters were both met with a healing white light. After crossing the boundary into death, Cathy experienced a spiritual transformation and discovered her own paranormal gifts.

Throughout years of practice and training, Cathy’s craft has evolved into a passion for empowering people to become their most radiant and healthy selves. As an Intuitive Healer, Cathy uses her gifts to be in tune with your energy to ultimately bring balance and joy back into your life.

Cathy’s expertise allows you to experience the true nature of holistic and spiritual healing, including:

  • Help you remain calm within your everyday life
  • See challenges for what they are and not be affected by them
  • Overcome past life experiences which could have left their mark on you
  • Develop confidence, energy, freedom and happiness to feel good about yourself and everyday

Celebrated Author

Cathy’s multiple experiences with the other side led her to want to share her story with others. Dying to Live: Surviving Near-Death is a memoir that delves deeper into her accident, her health battle, and her journey to death’s door and back. Get your copy of Cathy’s book today!

Dying to Live - Best Seller

Non-Profit Entrepreneur

During her own personal battle with breast cancer, Cathy became increasingly aware of a missing piece of the healthcare system: in-home services for children affected by a cancer diagnosis. The added physical and emotional stress of treatment was something she was not prepared for, and she struggled with how she saw it affecting her children.

In 2007, Cathy established the non-profit Cuddle My Kids – now Connect Thru Cancer – to provide in-home, no-cost cancer support programs that offer enrichment and creative play to children who have a parent or caregiver in cancer treatment. Their main goal is to help increase the quality of life for cancer patients and their families during cancer treatment.