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We experience complete health and wellness when our body, mind, and soul are in alignment and balanced on a spiritual level.

Taking a holistic approach to life allows us to prevent and reverse energetic imbalances in the physical body, disease, and clearing negative patterns and beliefs from the past as well as the present. With Cathy’s expertise, she helps guide you to shift and connect more firmly with your best (and healthiest!) self.

Cathy Gabrielsen is an International Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and #1 Best Selling Author providing private sessions in West Chester, PA.

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Prana Detox

Prana Detox

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Meet Cathy

Having lived through two near-death experiences before the age of 32, Cathy Gabrielsen’s connection to the spiritual transformed into one of healing and growth – a connection she uses to help guide others.

She practices energy healing, including chakra cleansing and balancing, as well as one-on-one healing intensives for emotional and spiritual healing from trauma, anxiety, PTSD, grief and other physical stressors including illness. As a spiritual healer and teacher, Cathy’s gifts and experiences allow her the opportunity to reconnect others with their spiritual self in ways that bring about true and complete wellness.

A Story of Healing to Guide and Inspire

“Incredible Story of Hope and Survival.”
– New York Times bestselling author

Dying to Live - Best Seller

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